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Norhbrook Park Community Group are a group of like minded people dedicated to the improvement of the park for the benefit of it's human visitors, birds and resident wildlife. Our group has developed from a 7 year old boy trying to make a difference in his community.

Our group is made up of volunteers from the local community who are committed to regenerating the park, we are enthusiastic, forward thinking and will continue to develop the park in a way that reflects what our visitors want.

We hope to bring life back to this park so that the community can enjoy it the way they use to, we have heard so many good comments about how it use to be, now it is our challenge to try and bring some of that enjoyment back to the community.

Northbrook Park is an important and unique resource for the people in lewisham as a whole and the local community in particular, we hope to be able to improve the surroundings in the park for the whole community, young and old.

So please consider becoming a 'friend' of the group and supporting what we are trying to do.

Michelle Ball

(Chair) - Northbrook Park Community Group

We are located at:

48 Rayford Avenue


SE12 0NG

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If you have any queries please contact us:


+44 7944 219100 +44 7944 219100



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